Brainstring Advanced


Back in 1992, inventor Guido Lap came up with the idea of interchangeable strings. Ten years later, Brainstring Original was introduced, and almost immediately became a worldwide bestseller. To date, Brainstring Original is played in over 40 countries and people are still amazed by its seeming simplicity, and surprised by its infinite possibilities. Most recently--after a couple of years in development--there's a new, even more inspiring puzzle: Brainstring Advanced.

What's new with Brainstring Advanced?

- Advanced playing level
- Brightly coloured elastic strings
- 100% symmetrical design
- More challenging puzzle
- Button covers are colour matched to the strings
- New, improved high-quality packaging

- 8 x 8 cm
- Transparent polycarbonate cube
- 24 buttons, 12 elastic strings
- CE and international safety qualifications

Ages: 7+

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